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Songwriting Workshop for Teens

We are so excited to be hosting this workshop for teens with singer/songwriter Hayley Reardon

March 12th 2016

Ashfield MA


In 2012, The Boston Globe Magazine named her a Bostonian of the Year for both her music and her work to pair it with a message of teen empowerment. The feature article characterized her as “a confident, radiant teenage singer/songwriter who is helping to pen the next chapter of the Boston folk scene….while Reardon is rapidly making a name for herself under the stage lights, it could be said that she’s having a bigger impact on her peers across the country as an effective teen-to-teen ambassador, sought after by schools nationwide.”


Join Hayley Reardon in this intimate setting as she leads a workshop for teens on Song Writing.
This workshop will focus on the process of songwriting and offer tips for getting started and fleshing out initial song ideas. We will discuss chordal and structural choices and how they can influence the direction of a song. Beyond the practical aspects, the workshop will emphasize uncovering unique, authentic voices as artists and songwriters, as well as the power of learning to express ourselves (through song or whatever art form you might choose!) Lastly, we will touch upon performing and creative confidence.

The participants are invited (not required) to come prepared with either a song idea/concept or unfinished song that we can work on together by developing a list of related images and outlining a structure.

Noted for her thoughtful, vivid songwriting and engaging stage performance, Hayley has spent the past five years sharing the stage with acts like Tom Rush, Peter Yarrow, Buskin & Batteau, Christine Lavin, and opening for the likes of Lori McKenna, Mark Erelli, and Catie Curtis. She has been selected for official showcases at Folk Alliance International and New England Regional Folk Alliance, as well as The Boston Folk Festival, New York Songwriter’s Circle, and Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase.

Workshop limited to 15 participants
for more info /to register please email

Hayley will also be performing a concert that evening! with local youth band “Felixis Jinx “opening!HayleyReardonPoster (1)

“Write 12 songs and I’ll take you on a road trip to Nashville…..”


Did I really say that?

My little dreamer has completely romanticized the Nashville music scene! She dreams about sitting at cafes writing songs, jamming with friends and meeting musicians! I think it can be traced back to reading Taylor Swifts Biography…but wherever it began -she is serious, all business

After watching an episode of Modern Family last week  when Hayley is promised a car if she stays off electronics devices for a week, she crafts a bar soap into a smart phone, paints it and spends the week talking into that- but after she wins the bet, the parents decide go back on their word,  Zoe decides we need a written deal- Well, now there is written proof.

Twelve songs gets her a trip to Nashville next Spring.


Song number 2 was written today inspired by the Biography of Langston Hughes and his “Dream” poems.

(here is the first draft. she is still working on the chorus and bridge.)

I wonder……What happens to a Dream Deferred? 

ef466cf9fddcf8a1a00529ab36e1507a(b y Langston Hughes)