Blazing Star Herbal School




Blazing Star Herbal School offers unique and exciting programs in herbal studies to give both the student and professional an opportunity to delve deeper into the art and science of herbalism. Blazing Star Herbal School courses have been highly acclaimed for inspiring students to find their unique healing path through personal relationship with the plant world. Our grounds encompass 50 wooded acres of pine trees, rushing brooks, wildflower meadows and gardens in Western Massachusetts. It is in this peaceful environment that we invite you to share and learn.


For more information on apprenticeships, products, services and programs of Blazing Star Herbal School please visit

or contact Tony(a) Lemos

Call: 413 628 1655

Blazing Star Herbal School is located in Ashfield MA



2 thoughts on “Blazing Star Herbal School”

  1. Tony,

    I would love to visit you!

    If we don’t get a chance to plan something before the Hilltown spring Fair on May 15… I hope you attend- I will be there selling seaweed and singing with the kids. i am most likely relocating at this summer, but we should connect just the same.

    Thanks for your message.

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