16 months later. . .

Yep we are still here.

To bring you all to the present, here a few highlights of the past 16 months….


A  Moon Photography  Project (Late Summer/Fall 2013)

Moons 2013


Zoe has attended two Rock and Roll Camps at the Institute of Musical Arts in Goshen. And a week from now she’ll be at the next one! These camps have been great for her as she has been able to express herself musically as well as make good friends!



                                                        Preteen Camp, IMA  August 2013


  Preteen Camp, IMA  June 2014


A  trip to Ecuador to continue studies this Winter with a bunch of AMAZING people, boy! Here we are with our teacher Rocio Alarcon



did we stay at some of the most beautiful places! Here is Zoe at the Agua thermas!



We returned to run our Second “Rock the Moon Program” at the IMA. Its a weekend “coming of age” gathering to introduce independent self-care practices to pre-teen girls (9-12) through music and herbalism. And its fun fun fun. Many more pictures on our facebook page here. And there is one coming up if you are interested on the weekend of Sept 26-28th 14.

Final Concert March 2013

Here are the staff and admin of Rock the Moon, Including Hannah, Megan and Rebecca from the local band sensation AND THE KIDS! Who are great mentors and music instructors to the girls!

IMG_4179There have been two baseball seasons for Zoe, First year 2013 (purple shining stars) and Second year 2014 (Red Spartans!) A new passion was born and she looks forward to Little League next year!

IMG_0497 IMG_0757



And along the same lines were our attending our first two major league baseball games this summer, at the Yankee Stadium and at Fenway Park- GO RED SOX!


There was also a punky halloween!
IMG_6473and finally there were a few  memorable trips to P-Town with fires on the beach and a few days that couldn’t be more perfect!



IMG_1105There were many more weekend trips, wildlife encounters and days at home with friends…family visits and laughs….but that just about sums it all up and brings us to this summer! Hope you have all had a great year and a half!

I’m am planning to update a little more often so see you all soon!










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