Mission Complete!

I always wanted to/planned to make Zoe a baby quilt, a twin sized one. I started it when she was around 2 1/2 thinking it would be ready for her first bed! At the time she was all about Pink and Brown! Her favorite color was brown with pink accents! All about pillowcase dresses!

I started buying fabric and cutting squares and laying out but sadly time got away…..and the quilt got moved to the bottom of the WIP basket and eventually into the UFO basket. Project after project took priority… Last May when we moved I found it and decided that as soon as we were settled I was going to begin work again and complete it, and put it on Zoe’s bed in her new room. True to my word a pulled it out and started laying it out but it now longer spoke to me, it was no longer the essence of Zoe. A decision had to be made. I had recently found an embroidery pattern “The Rainbow Warrior” here in the Little dear etsy store

It reminded me of Zoe in so many ways! That piece was the inspiration that got me going. . . The warrior girl that is Zoe and her love of color! A lot of the fabric used was remnants of items I have made for her over the years, plus some new fabrics purchased just because they symbolize something I love about Zoe or something she loves. Inspired by the rainbow warrior it is all about strength, determination and color!

And finally 8 1/2 years later Zoe has a mama-made quilt resting on her bed! Mission Complete!


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