Deals and Gifts Over at Blazing Star Herbal School

May I draw your attention to a couple of deals over at Blazing Star Herbal School


We are once again offering a special on the always popular “Winter Health Empowerment Package” The deal  is part self study you will receive the 4 week Optimum Winters Health Correspondance Course and part medicine cabinet stocking-up……We’ll fill your medicine cabinet this year while you learn what works and why and gain the skills to make all the medicines you need to keep your family healthy.

You will receive:

4oz Echinacea

4 oz Elderberry C Syrup

1 oz of Boneset Tincture

1 oz of Elecampane Tincture

1oz of Calendula/Sage Tincture

Winter Warming Bath Salts

   1 oz of Thyme Elixir

 Winter Medicine Instruction Booklet

(This offer is good through DEC 5th 2011)

As if that is not enough if you register (send deposit) for the 2012 Beginner/Intermediate Apprenticeship before Dec 21st 2011 you will receive a free gift! Want to know what that free gift is hop over to Blazing Star Herbal School and take a peak!



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