Back to School

Hard to believe the summer came and the summer went! and I don’t think we drank enough lemonade this year!

Sure we had fun days…early on in P-Town, hot sweaty days at Falcon Ridge Folk Fest, our annual trip to Circus Smirkus in Brattleboro, another newer tradition the musical at Prescott Park Arts Festival in Portsmouth NH,  this year’s was the Wizard Of Oz, more kids markets a short Art Camp focussing on Batiks and Ties Dyes, and finally a month at Woodland Village Camp.

Several firsts too this summer a first pocket knife for the girl (I love Opinels!!), a first week of sleepover camp! (her first words when i picked her up mum now i am ready to go to Chimney Corners for a month!!) and a first solo bike ride a few minutes down our street to buy marshmallows from the little camp store! and of course first hair color!! Pink!

When I think back over this summer I will laugh at her obsession with John Travolta and the Pink Ladies- how many times did she play the “Grease” CD, or watch a You Tube of “Grease Lightening”, and laugh at her playing the tamboreen along side Davy Jones and Peter Tork  to “I’m a Believer” and other Monkees hits!

But all is not over there is still plenty to look forward to this Fall. There is the Ashfield Film Festival one of our favorite local events. Then there are birthdays coming up, another Circus Party, another Fall Festival Week-End. We are looking forward to seeing “The Secret Garden” in October. And there are apples and peaches to eat pick and can! And there are always fun You Tubes to Dance too! and much dreaming to be done!. . .

In the meantime there is a schedule to figure out carpools, and Violin classes, and Ballet… and note to self: drink more lemonade!


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