Making Elderberry Sparkle

It’s easy, it’s yummy!

Step 1   Locate (Black) Elder Trees and when flowering (sometime in June if you are in the Northeast) On a sunny day collect 3 large heads of fragrant elderflowers. Make sure they’re not going by (you can tell by the browning of the petals), otherwise the finished result will taste nasty! 

Step 2  Shake any insects from the elderflower heads and immerse in 4.8 litres of cold water in a crock (a plastic bucket works well also) 

Step 3  You’ll need one lemon, 750g white sugar, 2 tbsp white wine vinegar   Peel a lemon, making sure not to include any pith. Squeeze the juice. Put the flowers, the lemon peel and juice into a large clean plastic bucket, together with the sugar, wine vinegar, and water.

Step 4 Stir vigorously. 

Step 5 Leave for about 24 hours, then strain and pour into strong screw-topped bottles – fizzy water bottles are ideal. Don’t fill them to the top.


Step 6 Leave in a cool place for 2 weeks and the naturally occurring yeast on the elderflower heads begins to ferment with the sugar creating a very weak alcohol content but lots of carbon dioxide.

Lots of CO2 = Big Elderflower Fizz!!!!

It is possible that one or two of the bottles explode! It seems a little random, it is possible that they’re less likely to explode the cooler.

Step 6 Drink cold. Great for a party on a hot summer’s day. I have heard that if stored in a cool place they can last up to a year! 


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