Pteromyini or Petauristini……or what was that!

A Potentially Sad Mothers Day Story with a Happy Ending!

It was time to move our favorite birdhouse, one that Zoe built at a friends birthday party several years back.

“Hello who’s there”

I jumped back, is that a mouse?

No it is a chipmunk, no a squirrel….before we could ID it jumped right out and scampered up the old maple tree.

Cool a flying squirrel~Before I could think straight I had the bird house down and opened it up to put it in the truck….You know when you are moving you are on a roll…..out came the next which I thought was last years birds nest as we have seen birds previously nesting in it and out came a newborn. Based on this website I am guessing that it was between 5 and 10 days old!.

A little panic set in. What to do? What to do?

At first we left the newborn in the nest on the ground and covered it with a little box, but that did not feel safe from possible predators. Then we see mama start coming back down the tree, looking for her baby we suppose. Would she come all the way to the ground? With some quick thinking we placed the nest back in the birdhouse and the birdhouse back on the maple tree.

Phew,  Re-United! and then she poked her head out,

Are you still there? 

Flying squirrels are a mammal I know very little about! they are the oldest living line of modern squirrels! time to you read up on them!


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