Thank- You Jean Craighead George!

You have read her books did you know what she looks like? I grabbed this photo from her website.

Jean Craighead George has written over 100 books. In 1973 her book, Julie of the Wolves won the prestigious Newbery Medal. This weekend on our 4 hour drive to NJ, Zoe and I listened to My Side of the Mountain,  a Newbery Honor Book in 1960.

To say we were both engrossed would be an understatement! The drive seemed like minutes and once there we didn’t want to get out of the truck until we knew the fate of young Sam Gribely. Most kids dream about running away, most don’t get to the end of their street, this is not the case with Sam. His desire for independence, and adventure lead him to the Catskills. For a year he lives in a hollowed-out hemlock tree, befriending animals, and hunting and gathering for his survival.  Sam seems to appreciate a healthy balance of adventure and solitude. I especially enjoyed the wild food chapters! sometimes detailed descriptions of what was served up in his turtle shell bowls! Zoe enjoyed the chapters on raising his falcon companion Frightful best. And now she wants to learn how to fish. Fishing is something I have never done maybe it is something we learn together in the years to come.

The book is written from Sams point of view in the past tense, it is so well written that as a reader you come believe that Sam did write this book. I think it is a book for all ages, I enjoyed it the second time around as much as I need the first, maybe more as I now have an understanding of wild foods and plants of the Northeast. As soon as Zoe got to school today she found the sequel and sent me home with it! ready to learn more about Sam this evening. So if you are looking for a good book for family enjoyment, reach for this one, you won’t want to put it down!


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