Back in time…

I was recently been thinking back about a great weekend spent up at Woodland Essence (about 4 years ago!) a week-end full of good friends, an amazing project, great teachers (Kate Gilday and Don Babineau) and good food!

The project  Ashbark Basket making, I had long appreciated the beautiful baskets Kate and Don made. It was a fabulous weekend and though Zoe was only 3 1/3 she found away to participate and made her own basket.

We made great baskets! We laughed hard but the part that I have been remembering is the fact that it was our introduction to the inkle loom

Here is Kate weaving a strap to a backpack basket on her loom

That brings us to now,  at school Zoe has learnt to weave on a inkle loom, she made a belt, and for weeks talked about the inkle loom how she couldn’t wait to have a turn again. I think they have 4 inkle looms (and a variety of others) in the classroom. Recently we were able to borrow one from a friend and an “inklette”. A quick trip to Webs (a dangerous place, they don’t call it America’s Yarn Store for nothin’!) for some yarn.  Her teacher was kind enough to teach me how to warp it and TADA!

We have been weaving and thinking up projects ever since…..bookmarks, belts, hairbands, trim for jeans….We both love it!

Here is the original link about Ashbark basket making on my old blog The Herbal Way (you’ll find more details on the basket making. Scroll down until you find it.

Here is another picture from that weekend 4 years ago. Pat keep going! working hard so that we can get back to Woodland Essence for another fun adventure! I know you can do it!


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