You’ve got mail! For the love of mail…

I love mail! I have always loved writing letters and making cards! and there is nothing so cheery as receiving a hand written letter! especially on a gray drizzly February day. I love to make a pot of tea and sit by the fire and intentionally open and read the letter, slowly to make the experience last! I have boxes of old letters that I cherish, many from my cousin Mike, who is still awaiting his Christmas card from last year! that is how bad things have gotten! I admit as my days have gotten busier and time seems shorter I have sadly dropped this practice.  These days a photo dropped in the mail box, an occasionally a card, and an email seems to be all I am capable of…I am stating here and now that this is going to change again! and hand written letters are going to make a come back!

When Zoe was 2 or 3 we picked this little mailbox up and each valentines season it makes an appearance, filled with love notes, letters, poems and the occasional pressed flower. (Each year I plan to make a mailbox (slightly larger)and leave it up year around for special mail to eachother, lovenotes, gratitude, and even isssues of disgruntlement!! but it has yet to materialize!…maybe when we move to our new home.)

With all that is going on these days I have not blogged as much either….We have been struggling to fit in enough family crafting time. We are not one of those families that have endless activities afterschool, but with the 1/2 hour commute and a  stop  at the library it seems that homework and dinner and bedtime are all we can fit in.  Here are a few of our recent attempts. I must admit I am happy with Zoe’s school (a public charter school) but the one area which I struggle with is their “no holiday celebration” in the classroom policy! Now I can understand the religious holidays but Valentines? Don’t get me wrong I am not pushing the “Hallmark Holidays” in a commercial, materialistic way with foam hearts and pink kisses candy  but as an opportunity to express appreciation of each other, and as a way to mark the passing of time, and emphasize those  true values, what love truly is. So as a family we try to mark the passing the seasons and holidays with a craft and nature walk, some stories etc.

and some Valentine Soaps for our friends.

Yesterday with friend we discovered a new teahouse “the queen of cups” not far from here. They serve English tea, crumpets and scones complete with clotted cream- a great place to escape to and write a letter to a friend! over a pot of tea!



2 thoughts on “You’ve got mail! For the love of mail…”

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Zoe has been really into Tea Parties as we are reading Anne Of Green Gables and they talk about preparing these elaborate teas when they have guests coming over…so I think a formal tea at home is on our future also! -t

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