handmade holidays summary!

It has taken me a while to get this post together…

Like so many, our goal this year was homemade gifts. SO December evenings turned to night with me at my sewing machine or serger long after Zoe had gone to bed. Afternoons were spent rushing Zoe through her homework so that we could focus on some holiday gift crafting. Zoe made 4 pairs of knitting needles for her friends (2nd picture on the bottom row), 12 snow globe soaps (last photo) and several glittery star candle stick with hand dipped candles (1st picture bottom row).

It was also the year that we transitioned to fabric reuseable gift bags! Oh how beautiful they all looked under the tree.

As Zoe’s main gift I made her a detective kit. As I have previously written about we have been reading lots of mysteries Nancy Drew and Box Car Children. First I found a wooden suitcase and decoupaged it with an old stamp collection. In it I collected items such as a compass, several notebooks, an ink pad for collecting finger prints, an ID and cypher wheel which I downloaded from here, and several items for disguises. It was a HIT! yeah!! It led to a lot of detective play with her friends and dolls.

Together we also put up a tepee for dolls…so far it is just rigged but we have plans to decorate/embroider and sew it. There will be a post later on the Tepee/Tipi.

Mixed in with handmade there was plenty of vintage charm as we got this little record player (a portable imperial model 100!) up and running. A little vintage art decoupage, a new needle and presto!…the inside rainbow pattern is original. I love this little record player it reminds me of one I had as a child. Next up for refurbishing is my vintage aqua scholastic typewriter!

I also sewed several “cheer” garlands for friends and some Solstice Sun Potholders!  I even made us a set of fancy holiday napkins that I am already excited about puling out next year. Some of our holiday crafting has not been mailed yet and some not quite finished! I did manage to complete a matching skirt for Zoe and her doll still there are a few items that remain in the WIP basket, the rainbow fabric dressing gown, the T-Shirt from this fabulous pattern I got here. Love that place don’t you!! and then the smaller version on the fancy dance shawl I made Zoe last year…and also the Jingle Dress that I promised last year!! and so we enter 2011 with projects already started needing completion.

Hope everyones holiday’s were joyful and wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous 2011!


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