Dr Jekyl and Dr Hyde Parenting!

So last week on facebook I was noting how sweet and innocent my 7 year old was. I shared about how her face light up when she found fairy dust sprinked on her pillow after the tooth fairy had visited. Oh the magic!  Pure innocence sweetness, a moment.  As all you parents out there know it is those moments, those rare moments that keep us going.  I wondering about how to preserve that innocence!
And then today on Thanksgiving a major parenting Faux Pas. As we left home on our way to friends, on a whim I grabbed my old copy of Alices Restaurant CD, the classic Thanksgiving ramble by Arlo Guthrie. Now in my earlier days I was quite the Arlo fan! In fact I discovered my all time favorite singer songwriter opening for Arlo Guthrie on a memorable december evening at the Iron Horse surrounded by good friends who I had had to bribe to join me at an Arlo concert! That night led to many a fun night over over 17 years year at the Iron Horse, Godfrey Daniels, Tin Angel, Falcon Ridge, many a college and even some place in Madison Wisconsin (another memorable night with dear friend from New Zealand and Pat)
Anyway back to my parenting Faux Pas! As we get into the truck I tell Zoe that I had a classic thankgiving story/song for her to hear. As I have said so many times Zoe LOVES books on tape…the OZ series, The Box Car Children. Immediately she lights up at the opporunity of a good story. She grabs her knitting as those opening bars begin….”you can get anything you want at Alices Restaurant’ So far so good. On the ramble goes…soon it dawns ib me she is lost…”the 20 8 by 10 color photos, just another case of american blind jusitice” OK its over her head. Then suddenly it hits me  “i want to kill, blood gore and guts veins in my teeth, eat dead bodies,  KILL KILL KILL”
“mama he’s not nice, why is he saying that” I pause and explain as best as one does to a 7 year old….. I turn it back on trying to think ahead, quietly debating whether we should continue….”i was sitting there on the group w bench surrounded by mother rapers, father killers, FATHER RAPERS!” Mama can you pause it………oh no…then it dawned on me! what did I do….how far this is from the innocence of fairy dust image. I could see her brain working overtime to understand “mama i do not understand the story of Alices Restaurant! Why is it a thanksgiving story? Well Zoe it all happened on Thankgiving Day over 40 years ago.  I was never so happy to hear the Motorcycle song!

What parenting faux pas have other parents made? I’d love to hear all your stories


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