Zoe’s book reccomendations for other 7 year old girls

Here is the list of books that Zoe reccommends for other 7 year old girls:

The 7 Year Old Wonder Book by Isabelle Wyatt

True magic for a child turning seven!

All 14 Oz Books written by L Frank Baum

– The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

– The Marvelous land of Oz

– Ozma of OZ (Her favorite in the series)

Dorothy and the Wizard of OZ

– The Road to Oz (my least favorite book in the series, in fact the only one i did not care for)

– The Emerald City of Oz

– The Patchwork Girl of Oz

– Tik-Tok of Oz

– The Scarecrow of OZ

– Rinkitink in Oz

– The lost princess of OZ

– The Tin Woodman of OZ

– The Magic of Oz

– Glinda of oz

Osma of Oz and Dorothy were her two favorite characters!

The Doll People by Ann M Martin

” I liked that the dolls were bold and went on adventures. I also like the friendship between Anabelle Doll and Tifanny Funcraft. They had a lot of fun together! It is also a little scary to see if Aunty Sarah would be in permanent doll state. I like books about old dolls and doll houses”

The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner (Books 1-4)

” I liked reading about how the Boxcar children set up their own home in an old boxcar in the woods. I liked how they looked after each other and their dog. They also went on many adventures. I hope there is always another Box Car Children Mystery to read!”

Nancy Drew (starter set) by Carolyn Keene

“Nancy Drew is the best, She has taught me all about sleuthing! but do not watch the original TV Series Nancy Drew!” Zoe’s words not mine. I found it quite entertaining in a 1950’s kind of way, black and white fun!

Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild

This was a great story about 3 girls (Pauline, Petrova and Posie) that are sisters by chance who chose their own last name “Fossil”. They live in London a long time ago with their nanna and guardian. It is a fun book for anyone who likes to perform or likes Ballet.

We never read other books in this series Theater Shoes or Skating Shoes. If you have we would love some feedback…on how they compare to the original which we loved. We also enjoyed the original Ballet Shoes movie the one made in 2000 not 2008.

Any book by Roald Dahl especially liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, Fantastic Mr Foxand Danny the Champion of the World


We would love to hear what books other 7 year olds reccommend.


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