Dreams Do Come True

As some of you know I love vintage campers! I am often seen sorting a fav camper t-shirt  and a wall of photos and art work featuring vintage camper scenes. For a long time I have been waiting for the opportunity to photograph the girls in front of the Smarty Pants Camper. When driving over today the sun was bright a perfect November day. I asked the girls to dress up in wacky colorful clothes and come out for a photo! Usually the girls spend the day playing dress up…but today there was little interest in my idea. Eventually we got them outside, but alas my camera had a big grease mark on the lense so through we had a laugh the results were not what I had hoped!

*Double click for a larger image

We have been reading the Box Car Children and I wonder if these girls could be as resourceful living here in the camper! I think I will follow this post with a favorite book  post as I have not done one in a while and we have been lost in literature books lately!


One thought on “Dreams Do Come True”

  1. Hello there. I’m happy you liked my stitched pinecones. These photos are so fun. My daughter went through an obsession with the Box Car Kids several years ago. We must have read every one. There was something comforting about those children and their resourcefulness.

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