Peace Travelers Global Garland for sale now!

For Sale in the my Etsy Store

This garland set is a gentle reminder to pause, notice, and honor your world.

These garlands are a prayer for the environment.

This garland offers you a special way to express some of the most important wishes of your heart.

The pockets on the flags are intended to carry your burdens, hopes, worries, and so on that are then released into the world as the flags blow in the breeze.

The tradition of hanging flags began more than 2000 years ago. Our Garland was inspired by the Prayer Flags of Tibet. According to that ancient tradition, the prayers printed on the flags are carried on the wind. The traditional flags are blue (for sky), white (for air or clouds), red (for fire), green (for water) and yellow (for earth). They hung the flags over mountain passes and rivers to benefit all who would pass underneath

When the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1959 many Tibetans lost their lives mostly monks and nuns, six thousand monasteries were destroyed. People around the world who had become acquainted with the Prayer Flags of Tibet were horrified to see the soldiers burning strings of these sacred flags.Thousands of Tibetans, including the 14th Dalai Lama, had to flee from their country and live in exile around the world. Their Prayer Flags represent the tradition of sending out prayers, but they also remind us of a nation of gentle people who have been robbed of their home.

The children and adults participate in the creation of flags that contain their wishes of peace and unity. The flags contain visual imagery including poetry, verse, quotes, pictures, paintings and anything that can convey their positive wishes. The flags help to spin a common thread of unity between this and other communities.

Each garland is sold with a book list of our favorite Cultural Awareness Children’s books. Here is a PDF of that book list for your reading pleasure. It is a preview into a project which is coming soon!

book list


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