Book Review: The Enchanted Wood By Enid Blyton

This was my favorite series growing up, originally published in 1939 it is a the story of Jo, Bessie and Fanny who move to the country and find an Enchanted Wood right on their doorstep!. Into the wood they go and discover the magic Faraway Tree, and the magical characters that live in the tree that soon become theirfriends – Moon-Face, Silky the fairy, and Saucepan Man. Together they visit the strange lands which lie at the top of the tree and have the exciting adventures and narrow escapes!

Enid Blyton is the author I remember most vividly from my childhood. Growing up in London England in the 1970’s would not have been the same without. The Secret Seven, The Famous Five, The Naughtiest Girl Series, Mallory Tower Series. I credit my love of reading to Enid Blyton for sure! Not always politically correct these book are a product of her times and some have been banned over the years more recent edition reprinted with a few changes.

The is the first one in the series the others are “The Magic Faraway Tree”, “The Folk of the Faraway Tree” and “Up the Faraway Tree.” They are all must reads to children aged 4-7 or independent reads for 7-9 years olds.


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