Book Review…Tenzin’s Deer

The friday book reviews over at Ancient Hearth has reminded me to blog about some of the books we have been loving. I’ll try to keep a friday schedule for a book review also.

Tenzin’s Deer by Barbara Soros (Author), Danuta Mayer (Illustrator)  is a book we have loved for several years now. Tibetan boy Tenzin finds a wounded musk deer, Jampa, he asks for guidance and he receives it, both from his inner voice (that hears the deer speak) and his dreams. A book that shows what interconnectedness and compassion really is forming kind and gentle relations in a way that we can all relate.

The illustrations are also intricate and beautiful.

“May no harm come to us.

May we love each other well.

May we be kind to all the creatures of the earth.”

Who can resist a book with such a beautiful message!  Everytime I read it I feel that Zoe “gets” more and more. It is certainly a book to read cherish for many years. We have also used this book as a jump off point for many projects including prayer flags, and sand mandalas.


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