Two books I am LOVING and NEED TO BUY SOON…as they make me happy!

I checked two books out the libray this week and I am absolutely loving them! I have had each of them on my “request” list for some time now, in fact the first one for about 6 months. The last time it was checked out was on June 18th and I know why.

Collect Raindrops: The Seasons Gathered

by Nikki McClure

It’s eye candy. Poetic beauty. Simplicity. If you do not know her work go directly to her website read her bio and drool over her work. This book has barely been out of my site since Wednesday Evening! and will cause great separation anxiety when it is time to return it!

The other book is the

The River Cottage Family Cookbook

by Hugh  Fearnley-Whittingstall and Fizz Carr

It full of so many simple basic recipes and meal preparation ideas. I immediately made a list of 10-15 recipes to try before returning to the library. Many of  the recipes I picked out were deserts! What really sold me on the book was that as it’s title implies it is a family cookbook! Great explanations about what different foods are and how they are made with instructions on how to make at home butter, yogurt, cheese, salt etc. The first recipe I tried was the lamb kebabs. I have never bought lamb before but remembered LOVING lamb chops and Kebabs as a child. Once the marinated lamb was placed on the skewer I thought that they would be much tastier on the grill. SO I trudged through the snow, with the freezing wind chill, over the snow banks to the grill, said a little prayer and tada! the grill lit first try. The result was the yummies kebabs ever!


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