To market To Market to buy a …

The place to be
Greenfield Farmers Market
Saturday July 11th
8am (wow!)-12:30

We’ll be there Smarty Pants and yours truly!

Lots of fun new designs

Now this little side business of mine was never planned. I just started making things and people started requesting them and then I’d make a few extras and guess what people bought them…so now I have been making things and people have been buying them for a couple of years. I guess that I should get serious.  

-First of all I need a buisiness name (I am taking clever suggestions). When signing up for my first craft fair about a year and a half ago I needed a business name without too much thought I said “Night Owl Designs…” (for obvious reasons) but I do not love it. I mean I *love* owls, so maybe I just need a good logo, but it ain’t perfect. I would like something that fits better with “Smarty Pants” as we often do shows together (and even have a joint line of T-Shirts). I’ve had a few suggestions so far “Twisted Sisters”!! That one is quite revealing! or possibly “Sassy Skirts” hmmmm ideas welcome.

Here is the cowgirl set made for the cowgirl festival (plenty of these left)






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