at 5 and a half!



All of a sudden it seems that Zoe has grown up! Yes it seems that sudden.  I cannot believe how much she has grown in the past year. She has always been an independent kindda kid, always figuring things out, following her interests and learning new skills.


It seems that physically she has taken a huge developmental leap, all of a sudden she has become really coordinated and confident and loves nothing more than to spend the afternoon riding her bike, or zooming around on her scooter. She is so looking forward to swimming at the lake and already has plans about “diving” this summer,and no trip to the grocery store is complete without her Heelys! I have also noticed that her gymnastics skills (all self taught has improved) her cartwheels are getting straighter and hand stands taller. She has lost some of her fear and cautiousness. I think her week at Circus Camp this summer is well timed and will feed her excitement around challenging her body in new ways. 



I hope that this summer she will have enough confidence to ride on the extender while I ride so that we can sample a longer trail rides together. Last summer this scared her, this was before she could ride a two wheeler and she has grown several inches since then! I also plan to introduce some Tennis this summer. She is eager to learn having watched me play a lot last Summer and Fall. Like all 5 year olds it is a challenge to teach her as she “already knows how to play!” It was my passion as a young person and I would love it if she enjoyed a good game.


Music has always been a big part of Zoes week. I have brought her to shows (singer/ songwriter, bluegrassy, folky) since before she was born.  As an infant we enrolled in Music Together, and have since moved on to Kids Jam  a program for 5-7 year olds developed by Lui Collins. Each 10 week session include original seasonal material as well as traditional song and dance games. Most songs are in the pentatonic key. They also get to explore rhythmn with kid sized djembe drums as well as the  “solfege” system. On top of this she recently began a relaxed form of Suzuki style Violin. It is a very low key 15 minute a week private lesson. 


Zoe loves to sing and sings ALL THE TIME. She doesn’t walk, she skips along singing her favorite tunes and more recently makes up new lines. At home she spends a fair amount of time playing guitar and singing. I think one of the first things that you notice about her is how happy she is as she sings her latest favorite songs. Occasionnally she throws in a Greek or Spanish song just to mix it up!


All of a sudden she seems really interested in poetry, rhythmn and rhyme, We have been enjoying reading and listening to Poetry Speaks to Children by Elise Paschen



as well as some limericks of Edward Lear.  Last night I found my well read copy of “Silver Pennies” by Blanche Jennings Thompson and plan on introducing that one soon. That must be one of the best poetry books every written! Along the lines of poetry I am also really happy as I have found  and re-ordered (from amazon UK) my favorite poetry book as a child that has long ago fallen apart (though i still have one page saved! Macbeth’s famous “Double Double Toil and Trouble) a poem that Zoe can recite now! Does anyone have any favorite poems or poetry books for young’uns.


While in the land of nostalgic childhood memories  I recently began reading Zoe “The Enchanted Wood Trilogy” by Enid Blyton. How I loved this series! I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to wait and let her read these books solo or to read them to her. I remember escaping into the world of the “Famous Five” and the “Enchanted Wood” and Nancy Drew. . .I look forward to laying in bed next to her on a Sunday morning and both of us being engrossed in a good book that we cannot put down, still I am in no rush for her to learn to read. 


It seems that all of a sudden she is able to play (and really enjoys) board games. Her most recent love is “Mancala” a game that she learned at Mt View.




This time last summer she was all excited about crazy science making volcanoes and coloured putties/goo. This year it is all about magic shows and learning new tricks!





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