Easter Egg Hunts and More. . .


This year the Easter bunny brought Zoe the book “Grow it, Cook it” by DK Publishing and in each Easter egg hidden out in the yard was hiding a seed package. There were carrot seeds and broccoli seeds, egg guords and basil, beets and sunflowers and a certificate for a strawberry journal. There was plenty of candy also. We have been long term members of a local CSA so we have had no “need” to grow our own food. I have just focused on growing medicinal and culinary herbs but thought it would be fun for Zoe to have her own garden. Yesterday there was a lot of singing “John the Rabbit”.  She is excited to get going as soon as the weather warms up. It was snowing yesterday on Easter!

Our very favorite Easter book is The Country Bunny and the Gold Shoes. A great feminist tale written in 1939!  suggesting that we can all do anything we set our minds on!

I also wanted to direct any past Herbal Way readers to the Blazing Star Herbal School Blog. Over there we’ll be playing along  The 100-Species Challenge and will be posting the regular herbal apprenticeship updates!


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