Scenes from the organic market

(Sienna look more Olives!!)


Organic Wines and Juices. There were a lot of homemade organic wines.


Lots of wild greens

and look!! Fresh Nettles. How I am craving Spring Nettles- Soup and Pie and Nettle / Garlic Mash Potatoes!


4 thoughts on “Bio-Market”

  1. WOW! I just came across your blog and I find it fasinating! I was wondering how you cook nettle or what are some of your recipes? I was reading about nettle (dried) how good it is for you but I had no idea fresh was an option. (I’m new to some herbs if nettle is considered an herb) Where I live it grows wild….is that the same kind or is it something different?

    1. Same kind…it grows wild here also. Nettle soup can be as simple as putting the Nettle in water with some garlic and a few carrots and bringing to a boil. Serve with some miso! Yum. Of course you could get much fancier…

    1. Hi there-
      This one was taken in a northern suburb of Athens Kifissia at the organic market. Funny, we just made nettle soup today also! with really tender spring nettles, tasted of butter! first of the season. My favorite recipe is nettle garlic mash potatoes which we will make next week. I have lots of recipes on my old blog which i hope to bring over here soon, when time allows! Love your blog. We are planning an around the world trip beginning in Oct 2010!

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