More shots from a street market

For those of you wondering the fruit and vegetable street markets are not comparable to our farmers markets. They are not farmers selling their produce but r traders that sell the produce. It is often imported. At the larger ones their is often a stall for toilet paper and kitchen paper and other household supplies, clothes (including underwear stalls) linens and bathroom rugs as well as international imports as seen below by the matryoska dolls and Russian painted eggs. 

Recently the concept of organic markets is catching on and  it is at these markets where the farmer brings their own produce to sell. There are about 20 weekly organic markets around Athens. I have not been to one yet hopefully Monday. img_4657















One thought on “More shots from a street market”

  1. I hope you and Zoe are having a lovely time in Greece. Both times I was there it was late March/early April and it was so beautiful. What a nice time of year to visit – I remember seeing so many poppy flowers everywhere I looked!

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