scenes from a 5 year olds play

photographed by a 5 year old.

I just uploaded all the photos from Zoe’s camera to my computer as she wanted to print a few out.

Here is a sampling… They really sum her up. She loves her babies; Lolly, Maia, Hardhead, Nothing, and Big Baby!!



Notice the microphone in this one. Making music has been a favorite pastime of hers since she was a toddler…She “plays” the guitar, the drum, the harmonica and takes Violin lessons and daily asks for Piano and Electric Guitar lessons!


She loves “playmobil” We tend to be a no plastic household, I believe is toys that are esthetically pleasing as well as environmental but have allowed playmobil and lego. I am not sure if it is because  as a child I enjoyed hours of lego and playmobil play and I am a little biased or whether they are really made a little better than say mighty world or other plastic toys. We love them (whatever the reason) and Zoe plays with them for hours on end and there have even been evenings you’ll find me building a lego house or castle. I just wish playmobil was not so expensive!img_2581


img_25821And she LOVES the outdoors. What ever the weather, whatever the season

The snow for sledding and building snowforts and making snowballs. The rain well for puddle stomping of course! The Spring for the mud and the flowers. High summer for picnics, the lake, summer clothes, the kids market and ICE CREAM!! and the Fall for birthdays, Fall Festival and playing in the leaves…


and shoes and boots. She LOVES shoes and boots especially mudboots! Photographed by her here.


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