Gentle Earth Manifesto

by a 5 year old 





Remember to take care of people, enjoy the love, there is enough for everyone.

don’t war

don’t kill

don’t use guns

don’t kill people

Remember there is a world, an earth where we love every aniamal, where it can be free in the future and feel loved and cared for. 

Remember that we must take care of everybody whether we are friends or not. Not just yourself.

Remember to use nice and kind words only. Don’t use words which you should only use in the bathroom. Use kinds words and say only things that are truth. It may be easier to say things that are not truth sometimes but always kinder to say truth.

Remember when you travel to love love love everybody. To meet new friends, even if you do not know them at first you will soon.

Remember that there are some movies that kids like and grown ups don’t so first ask a kid.

Remeber gentle kindness and respect are best

Remember to say “thank you” for gifts you get and to write your name on gifts that you give your friends


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