thoughts on city parks

As we are still dealing with jetlag (awake after midnight and asleep in the late morning) we have been making no big plans, just seeing where the day takes us while trying to get into some kind of routine…school work, reading (IdriREAD we are reading Finn Family Moomintroll (which I highly recommend), and violin practice. We also created a small Spring nature table this morning which will be a work in progress for the rest of our trip (previous readers of the Herbal Way blog will know how grounding creating a seasonal table is to us)



This morning I made Zoe pancakes, her favorite breakfast, her reaction “not as good as Elmers, call them for the recipe ok mama” Still she ate two so I was happy.


The sun was shinning this morning so we went headed out to explore more signs of spring and another city park. Seeing that we live so rurally, urban playgrounds have always been appealing to Zoe so whenever we are on the road we always try to find a good one! Now good one to me is not what you may think. . . I do not consider a super safe rubber coated one with all the latest equipment to be a good one. Just some basic swings, slides that you can actually slide down, rickedy merry-go-rounds and a see saw or two are enough to get the imagination going, add a slight element of risk and challenge.



What took me by surprise today was the number of grandfathers out with their preschool aged  grandchildren, everywhere I looked….








The sun was still shining so we decided to wander over to the train tracks and take a ride into the Northern suburb of Kifissia and take a walk. We talked about Woody Guthrie and Hobos as we walked…

On our way home we stopped at a small bakery and picked up a traditional greek picnic lunch

A couple Tyropitakia (cheese pies) and Spanakopita (spinach pies) (pictured above) and simple koulourakia (cookies- these are my favorites, pictured below)



My mother has also been busy teaching Zoe a little Greek

γειά σου=  ghia sou= hello/goodbye

καλημέρα= kalimera= goodmorning

τι κάνεις = ti kanis =how are you

ευχαριστώ = efcharisto = thank you

and the numbers 1-10


1 one ένα (ena)
2 two δύο (dio)
3 three τρία (tria)
4 four τέσσερα (tessera) 
5 five πέντε (pende)
6 six έξι (exi)
7 seven επτά (efta)
8 eight οκτώ (okto)
9 nine εννέα (ennea)
10 ten δέκα (deka)

One thought on “thoughts on city parks”

  1. Thanks for posting the Greek tutorial. P’s grandparents only speak Greek so she’s been learning a bit from her dad and aunt. These will help me remember the words to help her with too. – And I love seeing all the photos of the grandfathers with their granddaughters. So sweet!

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