Scenes from the organic market

(Sienna look more Olives!!)


Organic Wines and Juices. There were a lot of homemade organic wines.


Lots of wild greens

and look!! Fresh Nettles. How I am craving Spring Nettles- Soup and Pie and Nettle / Garlic Mash Potatoes!


More shots from a street market

For those of you wondering the fruit and vegetable street markets are not comparable to our farmers markets. They are not farmers selling their produce but r traders that sell the produce. It is often imported. At the larger ones their is often a stall for toilet paper and kitchen paper and other household supplies, clothes (including underwear stalls) linens and bathroom rugs as well as international imports as seen below by the matryoska dolls and Russian painted eggs. 

Recently the concept of organic markets is catching on and  it is at these markets where the farmer brings their own produce to sell. There are about 20 weekly organic markets around Athens. I have not been to one yet hopefully Monday. img_4657














scenes from a 5 year olds play

photographed by a 5 year old.

I just uploaded all the photos from Zoe’s camera to my computer as she wanted to print a few out.

Here is a sampling… They really sum her up. She loves her babies; Lolly, Maia, Hardhead, Nothing, and Big Baby!!



Notice the microphone in this one. Making music has been a favorite pastime of hers since she was a toddler…She “plays” the guitar, the drum, the harmonica and takes Violin lessons and daily asks for Piano and Electric Guitar lessons!


She loves “playmobil” We tend to be a no plastic household, I believe is toys that are esthetically pleasing as well as environmental but have allowed playmobil and lego. I am not sure if it is because  as a child I enjoyed hours of lego and playmobil play and I am a little biased or whether they are really made a little better than say mighty world or other plastic toys. We love them (whatever the reason) and Zoe plays with them for hours on end and there have even been evenings you’ll find me building a lego house or castle. I just wish playmobil was not so expensive!img_2581


img_25821And she LOVES the outdoors. What ever the weather, whatever the season

The snow for sledding and building snowforts and making snowballs. The rain well for puddle stomping of course! The Spring for the mud and the flowers. High summer for picnics, the lake, summer clothes, the kids market and ICE CREAM!! and the Fall for birthdays, Fall Festival and playing in the leaves…


and shoes and boots. She LOVES shoes and boots especially mudboots! Photographed by her here.

A Pot of Gold!

This post has nothing to do with St Patricks Day! Which goes unnoticed here in Greece!

I just discovered…


At Kiddie records you can download vintage kids records and books from the Golden Age of Kids Records which was the  mid forties through the early fifties.  Taken from their website “Many of these recordings were extravagant Hollywood productions on major record labels and featured big time celebrities and composers.



Over the years, these forgotten treasures slipped off the radar and it became our mission to give them a new lease on life by sharing them with today’s generation of online listeners.”


This is great timing as we are “on the road” and when I am away from home I am always looking for some stories n tape for long car/train/bus/plane rides.


A few weeks ago Zoe discovered Tom and Jerry! there was an episode hidden on her Flipper DVD,it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. She laughed and laughed and ever since has been asking me for more! I think she will enjoy this.

Gentle Earth Manifesto

by a 5 year old 





Remember to take care of people, enjoy the love, there is enough for everyone.

don’t war

don’t kill

don’t use guns

don’t kill people

Remember there is a world, an earth where we love every aniamal, where it can be free in the future and feel loved and cared for. 

Remember that we must take care of everybody whether we are friends or not. Not just yourself.

Remember to use nice and kind words only. Don’t use words which you should only use in the bathroom. Use kinds words and say only things that are truth. It may be easier to say things that are not truth sometimes but always kinder to say truth.

Remember when you travel to love love love everybody. To meet new friends, even if you do not know them at first you will soon.

Remember that there are some movies that kids like and grown ups don’t so first ask a kid.

Remeber gentle kindness and respect are best

Remember to say “thank you” for gifts you get and to write your name on gifts that you give your friends